Nominations for ISPI Board of Directors

ISPI accepts nominations for the Board of Director’s on a rolling basis. However, nominations for each year are due by August 24. A nomination is not a guarantee of selection. The Nominations Committee and the Board of Directors work collaboratively to ensure a thorough and consistent review process.  For inquiries or more information about the nominations process, please email

You may nominate yourself or another ISPI member using our online form. 

When submitting the online self-nominating form, please be prepared to provide the following nominee qualifications:

  • Affiliations with ISPI
  • Why do you want to be a Board Member
  • Provide a statement of your commitment to ISPI's Mission, Vision, and Goals.
  • Describe how your capabilities will help you effectively represent ISPI.
  • Describe previous experience in ISPI.
  • Describe your performance record in local and international ISPI activities.
  • Provide examples to demonstrate your knowledge of HPT.
  • Provide examples of past or current strategic planning experience.
  • Provide examples of how you work effectively as a team member.
  • Provide examples of how you communicate effectively.
  • Provide examples of how you demonstrate the ability to lead.


In addition, nominees who wish to be considered by the Nominations Committee must provide a Letter of Commitment from their employer in support of the time needed to fulfill a Board Member role as well as their current CV/Resume.


When nominating another individual, please be prepared to provide the following information about your nominee:

  • Affiliations with ISPI
  • Why would the nominee be an excellent Board Member?

  • Board Member Position Description

    The Board of Directors serves as the policy making body of ISPI. The election of the Director is based on outstanding qualifications, unselfish dedication, and a willingness to serve the profession. All directors are charged to serve in the best interests of the entire membership, of all chapters, of the international association and the profession. They are committed to the development and implementation of the ISPI strategic plan.

    Each director on the Board serves as a leader in motivating support for established policy, serves to develop new policy and serves to obtain support for ISPI’s programs. A Director should provide an objective point of view in open discussion on issues affecting the membership and the profession. He or she would thoroughly analyze each problem considered, vote responsibly, and then support those actions adopted by majority vote. Individually, each member of the Board is considered a spokesperson for ISPI and represents the integrity, dedication, and loyalty to established policy.

    Major Responsibilities and Accomplishments Examples
    ISPI business and processes conducted
    1. Serves as a member of the Board of Directors.
    2. Attends all meetings of the Board of Directors and membership.
    3. Supports, explains and promotes all policies and programs adopted by the Board of Directors.
    4. Promotes interest and active participation in ISPI on the part of members and potential members.
    ISPI goals and objectives developed and accomplished
    1. Keeps informed on the conditions and operation of ISPI.
    2. Works with other Board members to:
      • Establish ISPI Goals and Objectives.
      • Establish, approve and determine the priority of existing and proposed programs that will benefit ISPI membership, chapters and the profession.
      • Set policy for ISPI.
    Enables committee and task force to be accomplished
    1. Acts as liaison between the board and one or more committees/task forces. Acts as the board’s voice to the committee, and the committee’s voice to the board.
    2. Assists committee chair with finding committee members, setting objectives and budget, recognizing contributions, and ensuring that the work done accomplishes the Board’s strategic intent in establishing the committee/task force.
    3. May participate on a special short-term task force to complete specific assignments of Board (example: rewriting job descriptions or committee charters).
    Raises funds for the society
    1. Personally contributes to the society through donations.
    2. Participates in fund raising activities.
    ISPI membership support provided
    1. Together with other board members:
      • Reviews data on the needs of the membership, the chapters and the international body of ISPI.
      • Evaluates and prioritizes existing programs that will benefit these constituents.
      • Approves, establishes and funds proposed programs that will benefit these constituents.

    Function/Activity Typical Time Required
    Board Meetings BOD Conference calls at least monthly, and others as required. One (1) weekend meeting per year requiring travel. Meetings typically last Friday through Sunday noon, with Thursday as travel time.
    Annual Conference The week of the conference plus a Board meeting two (2) days after the conference.
    Preparation for Board meetings 2 to 3 hours per meeting; slightly more before the budget meeting in September.
    Liaison work with assigned committees 8 to 12 hours per month.
    Other ISPI-related activities:
    • Speak at chapter events
    • Write News & Notes articles
    Time will vary depending upon type of requested activity.

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    ISPI Board of Directors Nominations Process

     Nomination Process      »  Nominations Review      »  Voting Process
     • Nominations Committee is formed, trained, and prepared to begin nominations process.   • Nominations Committee reviews nominations, collects appropriate forms, and determines eligibility for consideration.  • Slate is sent to ISPI members in good standing to vote, including candidate bios, excertps from their statements as it relates to the role the nominated Board member would serve, and other important information. 
     • ISPI website is updated with current Board nomination information. 
     • Nominations Committee notifies Board of qualified Candidates. 
     • Votes are collected anonymously online. 

    • Email goes out to ISPI Membership Announcing Nomination Cycle has begun, with information on how to nominate candidates. • Board reviews qualified Candidates submitted by Nominations Committee and selects final candidates, who provide provide Statement/Platform.  • The Executive Director reports to the Board if the Slate was approved or not approved. 
     • Nominations submitted to Nominations Committee by deadline • Board reviews final candidates' Statements; selects and votes upon Slate to submit to membership for voting.  • The results of the vote are announced to the entire ISPI membership and also at the ISPI Annual Conference.