What Does ISPI Do?

Industry Support

ISPI provides ongoing support to your industry and is continually working to increase the resources that allow you to deliver more valuable industry-specific solutions.

Member Support

ISPI drives awareness, understanding, and perceived value of performance improvement among a diverse and growing audience. We support our members by helping to create demand for their expertise and their ability to create results.


ISPI provides research-based information, strategies, tools, and guidance to help you create more meaningful results through our systemic and universally applicable 10 Standards of Performance Improvement.


ISPI provides continuing education opportunities for organizational leaders, performance practitioners, and all other people interested in driving human and organizational performance. We offer a wide variety of courses, workshops, and conferences, all designed to increase your ability to deliver valuable results to your organizations and customers, and inspire new and innovative ideas.


ISPI provides an open and inclusive forum in which thought leaders, practitioners, and clients can work together and share knowledge. We encourage collaboration and engagement among all our members, and strive to help you connect with the people who can help you be more successful.

We develop, collect, integrate, share, and recognize know-how, tools, and approaches to drive human and organizational performance.

To learn more about Our Principles, check out these ISPI Resources…

Fundamentals of Performance Improvement by Van Tiem, Moseley, and Dessinger (3rd Edition), Section 1 to get a more thorough overview of performance improvement and the PI (HPT) Model.
Human Competence: Engineering Worthy Performance by Gilbert to get a better understanding of performance analysis and how to bring about a lasting change in behavior, using the Behavioral Engineering Model (BEM).
ISPI Certified Performance Technologist Standards 1 through 4
ISPI’s Principles & Practices of Performance Improvement Institute, a three-day workshops, supports and guides practitioners at all levels to build skills in performance improvement.