What Makes ISPI Unique?

The Performance Improvement SystemEvidence-Driven

ISPI was founded upon scientific research principles and the idea that when something is measured, it can be improved.

This evidence-driven approach drives us to support and execute pragmatic research efforts and empirical data collection, using both traditional and cutting-edge techniques. It allows us to accurately assess performance gaps, determine the best available solution, and effectively measure the impact of the solution once implemented.

Our commitment to evidence ensures you have the insight you need to create the performance results you require.


While behaviors, skills, training, and solutions are important, they are only part of a truly effective improvement strategy. The real value of performance improvement lies not in the solution, but in the resulting performance itself—the accomplishments, achievements, and outcomes that the right solution can deliver.

ISPI’s approach is truly focused on performance—on creating it, improving it, and sustaining it—all in support of your unique goals.


ISPI is not tied to any one solution or model. Our approach and our 10 Standards of Performance Improvement are universal. They can be applied to any individual, group, organization, industry, or sector and can be used to create meaningful results for any performance challenge or opportunity.

We are continually working to expand the reach of our organization and to increase professional diversity throughout our member base, leadership, and resources. As our organization grows and our approach is adopted by a wider variety of industries, organizations, and professionals, we are able to gather more information, share more experiences, and increase our collective knowledge for even greater advantage.


ISPI encourages a higher level of personal engagement, open sharing, and accessibility throughout all levels of our Society, and enables our members to create valuable connections with thought leaders, mentors, peers, and colleagues. We foster ongoing opportunities for interaction, collaboration, discussion, and feedback, and put our members face-to-face with a wide variety of influential and forward-thinking practitioners, academics, and decision makers.

We help you connect with the people who can help you be more successful at what you do.

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