Call for Proposals

ISPI is now accepting proposals for the 2020 Annual Conference.

ISPI will be using a new platform for the 2020 CFP. You will need to setup a new account when you begin your proposal.

Proposals closed June 15, 2019.

ISPI 2020 Annual Conference
The Future’s So Bright…I Gotta Wear Shades

ISPI’s 2020 Annual Conference will explore the future of work, and how it is driving changes in education, technology, and human performance improvement at a rapid and dynamic pace. Our current world is in a state of constant change; businesses that previously built and stabilized the market’s infrastructure are now must keep up with current market trends to stay competitive.

As practitioners that improve performance, we need to understand how this digital disruption is shaping the evolution of the work, worker, workforce, and world. Let’s deconstruct the myths, explore the realities, and harness the innovations that will shape our bright future.

Our Annual Conference will explore the future of work by asking questions for the following topics:

The Future of Work: Education

  • How is the state of education expanding beyond the traditional concept of the classroom?
  • How and where are non-degree seeking students are seeking application based credentials?
  • Where is the focus on the importance of evidence-based research?
  • How is academic innovation harnessing SMEs?
  • How are campuses going beyond “brick and mortar” into web-based classrooms and online learning platforms?
  • What are educators’ obligation to students in technology-enabled classrooms or learning spaces?
  • What are examples of best practices where campuses are establishing technology hubs on campuses and within communities?
  • What constitutes as the classroom?
  • How can we create and inspire life-long learners in and outside the classroom?
  • How does the future of work in education make our future brighter?

The Future of Work: Technology

  • How is training meeting clients at their point of need?
  • How can training remain human, when so much of it is automated?
  • How is technology (re)shaping training – and is this a value add or not?
  • How is learning being engineered?
  • How do we reconcile with the fact that change is now a constant way of life?
  • How can we instill perpetual learning in employees (and students) when learning has become an on-the-job requirement?
  • What are the possible consequences of such a technologically based society and what the best practices to avoid such downfalls?
  • How does the future of work in technology make our future brighter?

The Future of Work: Human Performance Improvement

  • What does current research say about 2025?
  • How can we honor and automate past evidence-based methods while still moving forward?
  • When and where will humans and technology merge?
  • What role can design thinking play in sharing proven approaches across industries?
  • What is the significance of social responsibility of technology in human performance improvement?
  • In the state of constant change, and the immersion in technology, how do we remain human?
  • How can we infuse and instill compassion and care into the work we do with our clients, and teach this to others, as we continue to move into such a globalized system?
  • What are the consequences of automation and reliabilities on new trends to expedite our systems and how can we ensure connectivity with one another?
  • How does the future of work in human performance improvement make our future brighter?