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Dine Around

2018 Annual Conference Dine Around

What is a dine-around?

Dine-arounds are informal dinners at local restaurants that provide an opportunity for networking, stimulating conversation, and peer learning.


When and where will dine-arounds take place?
Dinner dine-arounds will take place on Sunday, April 8. Participants will meet in the hotel lobby with their dine-around leads at 6:45pm and walk to the restaurant. All dine-arounds are within walking distance from the hotel (5-10 minutes). 


How will conference participants sign-up for dinners?
Interested participants will register on our website.

How does a dine-around work?
Each participant pays for their own meal.


Which dine-around should I choose?
Below is information about the dine-arounds that will take place in Seattle:


Restaurant           Tap House Grill
Lead                      Scott Casad
Topic                     Find Out More About ISPI
Type                      Contemporary American
Reservation          8 people
Time                      7:00pm
Location                1506 6th Ave. Seattle
Website                 http://taphousegrill.com

Restaurant            Dragon Fish
Lead                       Bill Solomonson
Topic                      Academic Research
Type                       Asian
Reservation          8 people
Time                       7:00pm
Location                722 Pine Street
Website                 https://dragonfishcafe.com/  

Restaurant               Urbane
Lead                       Nancy Burns
Topic                         The Value of Certification and Credentialing            
Type                        Contemporary American
Reservation           8 people
Time                       7:00pm
Location                1639 8th Street
Website                 http://urbaneseattle.com/  


Restaurant            Blueacre Seafood
Lead                       Rose Noxon
Topic                      Community Service Project
Type                       Seafood
Reservation           8 people
Time                       7:00pm
Location                1700 7th Ave
Website                 https://www.blueacreseafood.com/


Restaurant           Terra Plata
Lead                      Courtney Brooks Kamin
Topic                      The Role of ISPI in Social Justice
Type                       Spanish
Reservation          8 people
Time                       7:30pm *Attendees will meet in the lobby at 7:15pm
Location                1501 Melrose Ave
Website                 http://www.terraplata.com/


4/8/2018 6:45 PM - 11:59 PM
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