Master’s Series: Design Thinking
Victor Saad, Experience Institute


“Learning by Design: Creating an Organization of Innovation Through Exploration, Empathy, & Experience”
Monday, April 9

Leaders today face enormous challenges. Technologies evolve at breakneck speeds. Customers continually expect fresh and powerful new solutions. Entirely new categories of competition seem to pop up every day. It’s no longer sufficient to be a great leader of the current business. Leaders must also innovate to create the future. But leading innovation is not like leading the current business. It requires a new mindsets and behaviors. During this session, we'll discuss how to create a culture of empathy, exploration, and a "bias towards action."

In 2012, Victor designed his own Masters by completing 12 projects in 12 months. He called it the Leap Year Project and his experiences culminated when he staged his graduation at a local TEDx and published a book of stories about people learning through risk. He later launched Experience Institute, an organization that helps college students and career professionals learn & grow through short-term, real-world experiences. His work has led him into collaborations with Stanford, Berkeley, Google, and Leo Burnett. And in 2015, he was inducted into Forbes30Under30 for his work in education.