You're invited to participate in our all-day academic Unconference on Sunday, April 8 (9:45am to 5:15pm; lunch from 12pm-1:30pm); Sealth Room, 6th floor.

What is an Unconference? Unconference Attendees' Job Aid
--- It's your opportunity to engage in deeper conversation about academia with other academics. Bring to the table and discuss our field for what it is, what it can be, and the role of researchers and academics in the Society. It's really up to you!

Who is presenting? Unconference Presenter's Job Aid
--- You, we hope! Be a discussion leader and lead a 30-minute session! Everyone is invited and encouraged to be a presenter. Please email ispiunconference2018@gmail.com indicating your interest OR just show up on the day of with some session topics in mind.
--- The Unconference will conclude (3:45pm-5:15pm) in a (lecture-style) "research and trends" session hosted by five experts in the field.

What do I do?
--- Unconference Topic Ideas Survey The Unconference hosts sessions based on your topic suggestions. We need YOU and your ideas to shape the event. Suggest some interesting topics that you'd be interested in exploring.
--- Arrive at 9:45am or 1:30pm on the day of the event and we'll show you how it works.
--- Sessions begin every half hour- be sure to swing by throughout the day!

Please email ispiunconference2018@gmail.com with any questions.

Thank you,

Sharon Lee
Boise State University

Anthony Marker
Boise State University

Brett Christensen