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Presenting Data Effectively
A Keynote Address by Stephanie Evergreen

“We are swimming in data but it’s still hard for us to use it quickly for decision-making.”

Unthoughtful data visualization costs audience time, money, and patience. It foreshortens the conversation. Intentional data visualization clears the way for thought leadership and intellectual discussion. Designing charts and graphs is about more than making things look pretty. Ultimately, we report and present our information to teach our audience, to get our content firmly planted in their knowledge base, to help them act and make decisions. This keynote talk will tell the stories of effective data presentation shifts organizational culture and changes the conversation. 

I have brought my PhD in research and my heavy hitting design to help dozens upon dozens of clients communicate key messages from their data, engage audiences in precise discussions, and streamline decision-making. I’ve studied the research for years. And my on-the-ground experience with numerous clients demonstrates that when we work together, we change the conversation. We create thought leaders and organizational powerhouses. 
Learn how to transform charts into meaningful insights.

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