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Registration - 2018 Fall Innovation Symposium

Registration - 2018 Fall Innovation Symposium

In 2018, ISPI will embark on twelve months of storytelling…The Story of Performance Improvement. The art of understanding, listening, and telling are key elements to compelling and driving change. As consultants, we seek to understand the problems a client faces; as researchers, we try to listen to what the data tells us and compare to trends; and as trainers, we strive to tell a story that is compelling enough to transform the way we engage with and learn from one another. Each story begins with a problem, is filled with action, and ends with real results. ISPI has a story to tell!

Through our conferences and educational offerings, we will explore the art of storytelling and how it complements and strengthens any consultant’s tool box. We will also use those opportunities as well as our publications to tell the “story” of performance improvement: who we are, what we do, where we have been, and where we are going. This year’s 2018 Regional Symposium will explore the story of performance improvement by weaving perspectives of ISPI luminaries, members, and emerging professionals into a 2-day learning and networking event.

Keynote presenters will explore significant developments in the field of performance improvement and offer insights into the future of our profession. Professional development sessions will highlight diverse thought leaders in two educational tracks: 1) Principles & Practices of Performance Improvement and 2) The Art of Storytelling. The first represents the fundamental elements of performance improvement that range from performance analysis to root cause analysis to intervention recommendations and selection to evaluation and change management. The second introduces attendees to the science and impact of telling stories as a means to changing behaviors, engaging clients, promoting change, and leading organizations through evidence from the fields evolutionary theory, anthropology, neurophysiology, philosophy, linguistics, and psychology.

In addition to learning and networking, ISPI intends to partner with the ISPI Michigan Chapter and ISPI Advocate One10 Marketing to host a pro bono community service project with a local Detroit non-profit seeking performance improvement consulting to realize change and drive their organization forward. Since its inception only two years ago, ISPI’s Community Service Program has had wonderful success with non-profits in Philadelphia, Montreal, and Norfolk. We look forward to continuing this success in Detroit with a local organization that would not otherwise be able to afforded professional consulting services.

Finally, ISPI’s Regional Symposiums represent a unique partnership with academia by collaborating and hosting the event on a university campus. Performance improvement has always been and will always be an evidence-based practice, and ISPI’s roots run deep with the academic communities that provide that evidence. The opportunity to hold the symposium at a university only bolsters that relationship and highlights ISPI’s desire to build a stronger connection with researchers and students. Likewise, the university gains broader exposure for its programs, facilities, staff, and student, which creates greater opportunities for community and professional engagement and collaboration.

We hope you will join us next fall in Detroit for 2018 ISPI Regional Symposium.

10/18/2018 - 10/20/2018
Wayne State University Detroit, MI UNITED STATES

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