Member Benefits

ISPI is committed to each member's long-term success -- by providing outstanding educational events, awards, certification, local chapters, opportunities to build a deep professional network to support your career goals and interests, and much more. Find out why so many ISPI members make the Society their professional home. ISPI members enjoy the following array of benefits:

Unparalleled Education and Professional Development in Performance Improvement

ISPI is dedicated to helping its members improve themselves and their organization's performance through systematic, measurable processes that can be applied to the work, worker, and workplace -- aligning an organization's human capital for superior results. To accomplish this goal, ISPI offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for practitioners at all experience levels, including SkillCast webinars, annual THE Performance Improvement Conference that offers more than 165+ hours of professional development, online and in-person workshops, Principles & Practices of Performance Improvement Institute, and an online Performance Improvement Management Certificate Program at Ithaca College. In addition, participation in one of ISPI's local chapters provide additional avenues for continuing education.

Smart, Timely Publications Share Latest Industry Developments

ISPI keeps its members at the forefront of the latest happenings within ISPI and the industry through its monthly PerformanceXpress blog/e-zine, Performance Improvement Journal published 10 times a year Performance Improvement Quarterly, and weekly members-only Performance Digest, a weekly scan of performance improvement within the popular press. In addition, ISPI members enjoy significant discounts on other professional publications conveniently accessible through an online bookstore, including the Performance Technology Toolkit Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace (3 Volumes).

Members-Only Resources and Online Community

Members-only resources include an invitation to participate on ISPI Collaborate, an online interactive discussion board. ISPI's Collaborate community offers resources such as a glossary, blogs, interest groups, and document-sharing. ISPI also offers a collection of more than two dozen recorded webinars on a variety of topics

Certification and Accreditation to Prove Your Proficiency and Effectiveness

ISPI members may earn a designation as a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT), a proficiency-based certification where evidence of successful work projects are submitted to peer review and which also meet Performance Improvement standards and a code of ethics. An Accreditation Program also is offered so that members can submit proof of their organization's or department's adherence to the principles of Performance Improvement and ethics.

Valuable Networking Locally, Regionally, and Worldwide

ISPI members' work often spans multiple geographic regions, which makes having a wide, deep professional network so valuable. ISPI has a network of local chapters and special interest chapters in the U.S. and abroad. Members may participate in ISPI committees/taskforces and meet one another during conferences and Workshops.  We also encourage members to interact on social media outlets, such as ISPI Collaborate, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+

Job Bank and Career Services

ISPI members may access an online Career Center with current, online job postings for jobseekers and recruiters. THE Performance Improvement Conference also offers an on-site Career Center with complimentary coaching sessions and workshops designed to help job seekers at all levels.

Awards to Spotlight Members' Achievements

ISPI recognizes its members' achievements and excellence in the field through Awards of Excellence, Honorary Awards, and Distinguished Dissertation Awards.

Opportunities to Share Expertise

By actively participating in the Society, ISPI members can develop their skills and share their expertise by presenting at the conference or a workshop, submitting articles for publication, participating in social media, and volunteering at the local, regional, and international levels.

Access to Performance Improvement Experts

ISPI creates many opportunities for its members to gain direct access to Performance Improvement thought leaders through interactions while at conferences, workshops, webinars, and volunteering with ISPI. In addition, many members share with us the value of having found cherished friends and mentors during their association and involvement with ISPI.

Membership Directories

Members enjoy 24-7 access to a vibrant community of professionals through online ISPI Membership and Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) directories. Use the online directories to look up a colleague from conference or search for a short-list of certified professionals in your area who may be considered for hire. These directories help members find and connect to one another seamlessly.


ISPI offers its members special pricing on professional liability, health, dental, life, long-term care and automobile insurance (for U.S. residents only). Professional liability, health, dental, life, and long term care insurance programs are offered through ISPI's alliance with Trust for Insuring Educators (TIE), which is administered through Forest T. Jones. More than 65 educational associations, including ISPI, comprise TIE making it possible for ISPI members to enjoy the benefits of mass purchasing power and a variety of insurance plans at competitive rates. ISPI also offers member pricing on car insurance through a partnership with GEICO.

Professional Liability, Life, & Long Term Care Insurance
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Automobile Insurance


Members enjoy special pricing on product and service referrals through discounted advertising and sponsorship's that support ISPI periodicals, THE Performance Improvement Conference, website, and online career center.

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