ISPI is accepting nominations for the Board of Director’s on a rolling basis. However, nominations for each year are due by August 31st. A nomination is not a guarantee of selection. The Nominations Committee and the Board of Directors work collaboratively to ensure a thorough and consistent review process.  

Board Member Candidates will be selected and put forth for a slate vote to ISPI Membership to begin a two-year term on the ISPI Board of Directors for the following year (starting after the ISPI Annual Conference). For inquiries or more information about the nominations process, please email nominations@ispi.org.


Qualified candidates for the Board have the following experience:

  • Gold Level Membership with ISPI
  • Commitment to and understanding of ISPI's Mission, Vision, and Goals.
  • Experience serving as volunteer on ISPI Committees
  • Participation at ISPI events and meetings (conferences, symposiums, institutes, trainings)


Board members can expect to spend an estimated 15-20 hours per month preparing for and attending Board Meetings, Liaising with Committees, corresponding with fellow Board members and the Executive Director, and other ISPI related activities. Board Members are expected to support ISPI by attending events whenever possible in addition to attending bi-weekly Board meetings, the Annual Conference, as well the in-person Board meeting following the Annual Conference.  For 2019, the in-person Board meeting will be April 16-17 (ISPI will cover lodging for two nights). Please note time will vary depending upon type of requested activity.

When submitting the online self-nominating form, please be prepared to provide the following nominee qualifications:

  • Affiliations with ISPI
  • Why do you want to be a Board Member
  • Provide a statement of your commitment to ISPI's Mission, Vision, and Goals.
  • Describe how your capabilities will help you effectively represent ISPI.
  • Describe previous experience in ISPI.
  • Describe your performance record in local and international ISPI activities.
  • Provide examples to demonstrate your knowledge of HPT.
  • Provide examples of past or current strategic planning experience.
  • Provide examples of how you work effectively as a team member.
  • Provide examples of how you communicate effectively.
  • Provide examples of how you demonstrate the ability to lead.


In addition, nominees who wish to be considered by the Nominations Committee must provide a Letter of Commitment from their employer in support of the time needed to fulfill a Board Member role as well as their current CV/Resume.

When nominating another individual, please be prepared to provide the following information about your nominee:

  • Affiliations with ISPI
  • Why would the nominee be an excellent Board Member?


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    ISPI Board of Directors Nominations Process

     Nomination Process      »  Nominations Review      »  Voting Process
     • Nominations Committee is formed, trained, and prepared to begin nominations process.   • Nominations Committee reviews nominations, collects appropriate forms, and determines eligibility for consideration.  • Slate is sent to ISPI members in good standing to vote, including candidate bios, excertps from their statements as it relates to the role the nominated Board member would serve, and other important information. 
     • ISPI website is updated with current Board nomination information. 
     • Nominations Committee notifies Board of qualified Candidates. 
     • Votes are collected anonymously online. 

    • Email goes out to ISPI Membership Announcing Nomination Cycle has begun, with information on how to nominate candidates. • Board reviews qualified Candidates submitted by Nominations Committee and selects final candidates, who provide provide Statement/Platform.  • The Executive Director reports to the Board if the Slate was approved or not approved. 
     • Nominations submitted to Nominations Committee by deadline • Board reviews final candidates' Statements; selects and votes upon Slate to submit to membership for voting.  • The results of the vote are announced to the entire ISPI membership and also at the ISPI Annual Conference.