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2012 - 2013 Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipients



The International Society for Performance Improvement is proud to honor excellence in student research through our Distinguished Dissertation Awards. The initiative is funded by the Society’s Research Committee. In addition to a monetary honorarium, recipients are asked to submit a manuscript based on their dissertation for consideration in Performance Improvement Quarterly and encouraged to submit a proposal to for ISPI’s annual conference.



First Place
Martin Lauzier, PhD
Interactive Effect of Modeling Strategies and Goal Orientations on Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Training Outcomes
Faculty Sponsor: Robert R. Haccoun, PhD
University of Montreal

Second Place
William R. Levacy, PhD
Asian Indian Perspectives: Cultural Competencies Needed to Work Effectively With Americans on Intercultural Project Teams
Faculty Sponsor: Keith J. Johansen, PhD
Capella University

Third Place
Joseph A. Huber, PhD
Building an Army: A Corollary Study of Group Interaction and Group Productivity
Faculty Sponsor: Darlene Van Tiem, PhD
Capella University



First Place
William L. Solomonson, CPT, PhD
A Mediated Model of Trust and Its Antecedents in the Client-Consultant Relationship
Faculty Sponsor: Ingrid Guerra-Lopez, PhD
Wayne State University

Second Place
Kristina Stillsmoking, PhD
A Delphi Study into the Efficacy of Clinical Simulation Performance Assessment in Credentialing Healthcare Providers
Faculty Sponsor: Jaime Barron, PhD
Mentor: Paul Hardt, EdD
Capella University

Third Place
Darryl C. Draper, PhD
The Instructional Effects of Knowledge-Based Community of Practice Learning Environments on Student Achievement and Knowledge Convergence
Faculty Sponsor: Susan M. Land, PhD
Pennsylvania State University

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