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CPT Application
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ISPI's Certified Performance Technologist

About the CPT Certification

Offered since 2002, this proficiency-based certification involves practitioners committing to a code of ethical practice and documenting how multiple examples of their work meet validated Performance Improvement Standards:

  • The CPT credential is in demand by organizations hiring for specific performance improvement expertise and used as a benchmark for organizations choosing to develop their staff, deploy teams, and evaluate the expertise of vendors and consultants;
  • The CPT is the sole performance improvement credential available that is based on a comprehensive demonstration of real-world experience and competence across multiple projects. You are not required to complete a formal training or education program or an exam. 

CPT Requirements

The eligibility requirements to apply for certification include:

  • A minimum of three years of experience in performance improvement or a related field and a detailed description of work performed in multiple projects in a manner that demonstrates the use of each of the Standards with attestations from internal/external clients or supervisors. A qualified reviewer will review all the documentation received from a candidate and determine if all requirements have been met;
  • All candidates for the certification must commit to the Code of Ethics;
  • Once certified, performance improvement professionals must apply for recertification every three years to maintain the CPT designation.

CPT applications are processed upon submission. An estimated time for review will be provided with your application acknowledgement. All applications must be submitted by email to certification@ispi.org. 

Getting Started With Your Application

Below are the documents to help familiarize you with the CPT Performance Standards and the application process:

CPT Application Documents

Once you are ready, download and complete the CPT application:

Applications must be submitted by email to certification@ispi.org.
Please submit two copies, one without your name (only member ID number),  as the reviews are conducted blind and one with
your name and payment information included.  
If you have any questions during this process, please email certification@ispi.org.

CPT Application Fees 

CPT Application           Application        Re-certification       Reinstatement

Non-Members               $1195.00                    $350.00                $495.00

Members                         $995.00                     $175.00                $395.00