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Community Service Program
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ISPI Community Service Program

Because Being Better Matters!

The ISPI Community Service Program (CSP) exists to give our members a unique high-quality volunteer experience working with other ISPI volunteers on community service projects for non-profit organizations. Working on a CSP project gives our volunteers a chance to gain professional development, mentor and be mentored, publish, present and share our performance improvement talents with the world. How the CSP works:

  1. Projects are submitted through this web page. Projects may be submitted by ISPI Gold Members, Chapters and Organizational Members.

  2. The CSP Committee will review all project eligibility forms submitted and make recommendation to the board on projects that are ready to move forward.

  3. Approved projects will work with the CSP committee to form formal project teams, detail the projects’ scope and deliverables and begin the project work. Projects are scoped to be completed in less than 10 months.

To volunteer to be part of a future CSP project team, login or join ISPI and visit the Community Service Program social group page for more information.

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