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ISPI Membership Benefits
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The International Society for Performance Improvement is a non-profit membership organization that believes “Being Better Matters.” We help people and organizations make a difference. To their co-workers and clients. Their communities. Their world. By providing tools and strategies for effective and universal improvement, we are helping members create bigger impact, make greater contributions, and, ultimately, make our world a better place to be.

By joining ISPI, you become part of our story, our mission to be better. ISPI is committed to our members by providing support and strategies to help our members enhance their work and their organization's performance through systematic, measurable processes that can be applied to the work, worker, and workplace.

Professional Growth
ISPI offers a wide variety of educational opportunities through the year to meet your professional needs and your budget:

  • Exploring a selected topic each year through our events and workshops. Past themes have included design thinking and storytelling.
  • Annual Conference that offers more than 160 hours of professional development
  • Fall Regional Symposiums that provide a unique partnership with academia by collaborating and hosting the event on a university campus.
  • Summer Institutes that provide hands-on experience and training for our selected annual topic.
  • Virtual Institutes that offer a low-fee, virtual based classroom, for 3-4 hours of professional development by content experts in our Society.
  • Workshops and Institutes, including our Principles and Practices and the CPT Workshop.
  • Monthly Webinar Series on our upcoming events.

Networking and Engagement
ISPI utilizes communication in as many platforms as possible to ensure members can connect – and stay connected – in ways that are meaningful and long lasting.

  • HPT Community is a Members-only resource that includes an online interactive discussion board.
  • ISPI has a network of local chapters and special interest chapters in the U.S. and abroad. ISPI members' work often spans multiple geographic regions, which makes having a wide, deep professional network so valuable.
  • Members may participate in ISPI committees/taskforces and meet one another during conferences and Workshops.  
  • ISPI utilizes social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to encourage interaction and engagement among our members
  • ISPI hosts Speed Mentoring each year at our Annual Conference to help young professionals meet thought leaders in the field.
  • Our event apps provide the opportunity to share your bio and contact information as an attendee and to also send individual messages to attendees to connect over coffee
  • ISPI hosts gatherings across the country as well as special receptions during our Annual Conference to welcome
  • ISPI offers special “HPT 101” to our first time Conference attendees or newcomers prior to our Conference kickoff, to meet a few friendly faces and learn about our Society
  • Members can access the member directory to look up a colleague and connect to one another seamlessly.

Opportunity to Give Back
ISPI believes that Being Better Matters, and part of that is the opportunity to give back. ISPI has many volunteer opportunities to work closely with the Society and enhance professional and personal development.

  • Volunteers can expand their network of contacts as they interact with other Performance Improvement professionals. 
  • Members may participate in ISPI committees and taskforces, serving in the capacity that best meets their personal schedule
  • The ISPI Community Service Program (CSP) exists to give our members a unique high-quality volunteer experience working with other ISPI volunteers on community service projects for non-profit organizations. Working on a CSP project gives our volunteers a chance to gain professional development, mentor and be mentored, publish, present and share our performance improvement talents with the world.

Join a community of over 1200 certified professionals who have earned the designation as a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT), a proficiency-based certification where evidence of successful work projects are submitted to peer review and which also meet Performance Improvement standards and a code of ethics. An Accreditation Program also is offered so that members can submit proof of their organization's or department's adherence to the principles of Performance Improvement and ethics.

ISPI keeps its members at the forefront of the latest happenings within ISPI and the industry

  • PerformanceXpress: monthly blog/e-zine
  • Performance Improvement Journal: published 10 times a year
  • Performance Improvement Quarterly
  • Performance Digest: a weekly scan of performance improvement within the popular press.
  • In addition, ISPI members enjoy significant discounts on other professional publications conveniently accessible through an online bookstore

ISPI recognizes its members' achievements and excellence in the field through Awards of Excellence, Honorary Awards, and Distinguished Dissertation Awards. Each year, our Award winners are celebrated at our Annual Conference.

Career Planning
ISPI members may access an online Career Center with current, online job postings for jobseekers and recruiters. Our Annual Conference also offers opportunity to connect with potential employers and receive complimentary coaching sessions and workshops designed to help job seekers at all levels.


Membership Code of Conduct
Please click here to view.


ISPI offers its members special pricing on professional liability, health, dental, life, long-term care and automobile insurance (for U.S. residents only). Professional liability, health, dental, life, and long term care insurance programs are offered through ISPI's alliance with Trust for Insuring Educators (TIE), which is administered through Forest T. Jones. More than 65 educational associations, including ISPI, comprise TIE making it possible for ISPI members to enjoy the benefits of mass purchasing power and a variety of insurance plans at competitive rates. ISPI also offers member pricing on car insurance through a partnership with GEICO.

Professional Liability, Life, & Long Term Care Insurance
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Automobile Insurance

For more information, please email Membership at membership@ispi.org.


*Refund Policy: Any requests for refunds will be processed as a credit to membership accounts. Credits may be put toward any ISPI event or product, and will never expire.

*Membership fees are non-transferable