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Performance Assessment and Analysis Certifications (PAAX)


Performance Assessment and Analysis Certifications (PAAX)

The following program is offered through a partnership and is not an ISPI owned product or service. ISPI is proud to partner with and support the work of our members who continue to find new and innovative ways to engage in the field of performance improvement. If you have an idea or proposal and are interested in learning more of how to partner with ISPI, please email info@ispi.org.

For decades KNO/IFNAE have been at the forefront of implementing rigorous and effective performance improvement methodologies in capacity building programs for a variety of donor-funded international development initiatives worldwide. A paramount element of their success has been the initial performance assessment conducted to diagnose institutional needs, determine root causes and define recommended solutions. After replicating their success with a variety of stakeholders across many countries and continents to conduct these assessments, KNO/IFNAE have refined their approach, methods, and tools to form the foundation for a rigorous certification program.



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