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Author Guidelines

PIQ, is a peer-reviewed journal created to stimulate professional discussion in the field and to advance the discipline of HPT through publishing scholarly works. Its emphasis is on human performance technologies such as front-end analysis or evaluation. It also offers literature reviews and experimental studies with a scholarly base, and some case studies. (ISSN-0898-5952)

Topics of Interest

A list of possible topics to get your creativity flowing and to spark inspiration:
Business | Change | Organizational design | Technical training | Instructional systems design and architecture | Sustainability and measuring results | HPT (and the difference from one culture to others) | CPT | Training and development; web based training and development | Compliance | Regulatory | Legal | Web 2.0 | Social media | Compliance

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Author Guidelines & Submissions

PIQ emphasizes original work from the following communities of research and practice including but not limited to: process improvement, organizational design and alignment, analysis, evaluation, measurement, performance management, instructional systems, and management of organizational performance. PIQ will consider literature reviews, experimental studies, survey research, and case studies with a scholarly base.
To submit a manuscript for consideration visit http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/piq
If you are interested in submitting an article to Performance Improvement Quarterly, download a copy of the Author Guidelines and the supplemental resource information provided below.
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