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Individual Membership

Gold Membership - $215 Annually

Silver Membership - $105 Annually

Bronze Membership - $55 Annually


Developing Countries

The International Society for Performance Improvement is proud to support research and professional development in the field of performance improvement among our developing country partners by offering a 50% discount on all ISPI products and services. 

To qualify, your country must be listed on UN Report. For more information, please email membership@ispi.org.


Student Membership

The International Society for Performance Improvement is proud to support student research and professional development through ongoing initiatives and programs. We want students to feel they can be part of our community, and are able to take full advantage of the many opportunities, products, and services that ISPI offers. ISPI has taken the following steps to support student engagement and educational opportunities.

Student Discount Rate
ISPI is pleased to offer 50% off all ISPI products and services (Membership, Conference, CPT, etc…).

ISPI now allows Volunteers who are members at the Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels to volunteer with the Society. Volunteering is a wonderful way to make meaningful connections with the Society as well as members.

ISPI encourages all students to publish in one of our three publications: PerformanceXpress, Performance Improvement Journal, Performance Improvement Quarterly.

ISPI is proud to recognize student research in the field of Performance Improvement through the opportunity to apply for the Outstanding Research/Student Research Award and the Distinguished Dissertation Award as part of the annual Award of Excellence.

To qualify for the student discount, you must be continually enrolled in a degree awarding program and will need to include the following information in an email to membership@ispi.org:

-Proof of continuous enrollment in a degree-seeking program.

-A completed ISPI Credit Card Authorization Form.

-If applying for membership at the student rate, please indicate which level of membership you are interested in. 

Below are the current student discount rates for ISPI products and services.


Corporate Membership

When your business becomes a Corporate Member of ISPI, you get practical benefits, such as memberships, conference registrations, and conference discounts, as well as the benefit of being a noted supporter of the field of Performance Improvement and the mission of ISPI. Ask your company to consider Corporate Membership with ISPI at one of our three membership levels to take advantage of opportunities designed specifically to benefit businesses in the field of Performance Improvement. If you are interested in having an ISPI Membership Representative speak with someone at your company about becoming an Advocate, Patron, or Organizational Member, we're glad to help.

Advocate Membership - $8,500 Annually

Patron Membership - $3,500 Annually

Organization Membership - $1,750 Annually

Academic Consortium Membership

The ISPI Academic Consortium is an exclusive membership among academic programs within colleges and universities that impact or draw from the research and practice of performance improvement. The Academic Consortium will work collaboratively with one another and the Society to transform learning, strengthen relationships, find pathways to introduce students to both the practicing and professional field of performance improvement, and make valuable contributions to the field through service and research.

The goals of the ISPI Academic Consortium include:
-Re-energize ISPI academia relationship
-Provide a cost-effective way for colleges and universities to partner with ISPI
-Bring new practitioners and researchers to ISPI membership
-Increase academia participation in conferences, publications, and certification
-Provide value-added opportunities for students and faculty

Membership Requirements:
Any program within a degree-granting, accredited college or university may become a member of the ISPI Academic Consortium.

Small Business Membership

Small businesses provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, are rooted in the landscape where they grow, and give back to their local economy. Running a small business does have its own challenges, and that is why ISPI has created Small Business Memberships - three carefully designed membership tiers to help support small business owners receive the support and benefits from the Society.


Lifetime Membership

The International Society for Performance Improvement now has a distinct Lifetime Membership option available to meet the specific needs of our members. Find full details about member savings, including eligibility requirements and benefits below.

Member Benefits:
-Save on price of yearly dues during the lifetime of a long-term member.
-Protect yourself against future dues increases.
-Convenience of making a single payment and never worrying about your expiration date.
-Membership is owned by the individual.
-One-time employer approval, if necessary.
-Initial discounts rewards past loyalty to the Society.
-A more significant tax deduction for a member.
-Guaranteed lifetime discounts on ISPI products and services

Lifetime Membership Discount Fees:





























Refund Policy

*Refund Policy: Any requests for refunds will be processed as a credit to membership accounts. Credits may be put toward any ISPI event or product, and will never expire.
*Membership fees are non-transferable

Join today by selecting a Developing Country Membership level from the choices below.