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K-12 SIS Network
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Since 2002 and the advent of rigorous federal education accountability, such as No Child Left Behind and the Every Student Succeeds Act, a new role has evolved in K-12 education: The School Improvement Specialist. These individuals are expected to perform very challenging work in low-performing schools, either as school or district administrators or externally-assigned consultants to improve student achievement.

ISPI has recognized that this sector of performance improvement facilitators does not have a professional association to support their practice. With the support of the Institute for Performance Improvement (www.TIFPIedu.org), ISPI, the world’s premier performance improvement membership organization is opening its doors to these professionals, for the first time giving them the type of support their peers in other professions receive. For the first time, these professionals can engage in face-to-face and virtual events with others who share the same challenges and can provide peer support and collaboration.

Within ISPI, K-12 professionals have support aligned to their unique needs and access to the world of ISPI support and peers committed to performance improvement.


  • The School Improvement Specialist Network™ - Membership in an exclusive online community for facilitators of school improvement with networking, social learning and collaboration focused on Problems of Practice in school improvement, with opportunities to serve as national Practice Leaders.
  • Two Validated sets of Performance Standards – The Certified School Improvement Specialist™ (CSIS™) standards and the ISPI Performance Improvement™ standards.
  • Evidence-Based Certifications – The national Certified School Improvement Specialist™ certification and the global Certified Performance Technologist™ certification.
  • Continuing Education – The rigorous national LAUNCH!™ development program, aligned to the CSIS™ standards with a verifiable digital badge, Virtual Institutes, Pre-conference K-12 workshops at national and regional conferences, and other resources designed especially for K-12 performance improvement professionals, as well as access to the world-class professional learning and resources provided through ISPI conferences and events.
  • Code of Ethics – A set of agreements held by performance improvement practitioners, about what is right and wrong to their decisions in practice. This ensures that their work is performed in an ethical manner.
  • Access to Expertise - Research, tools, publications, events and experts within the ISPI community.
  • Recognition - Opportunities to compete for ISPI Awards of Excellence in the K-12 sector.
  • Communities of Practice – Focused on specific problems of practice which link school improvement facilitators via http://www.edweb.net . (Search on SIS Network -- ISPI K-12 Members can post and share resources.)


The Institute for Performance Improvement (www.TIFPIedu.org) supports ISPI in serving the school improvement sector.

The rationale for the expansion of ISPI to serve the K-12 sector is to re-energize the ISPI and K-12 relationship, recognizing that many who have contributed so much to performance improvement as a discipline have had roots in the K-12 sector. We also recognize the unique opportunity to link performance improvement practitioners in all sectors with their K-12 peers to collaboratively solve work-force development challenges and meet future work-force needs.

Membership Requirements:
Any K-12 administrator, academic coach, state and regional education agency school improvement staff, staff of organizations dedicated to school improvement solutions, researchers and foundations dedicated to school improvement, including leadership and professional learning may become a member of the ISPI SIS Network.

Upon registration with the ISPI Network you will be contacted by your Client Concierge Erin Wagner. Should you have any questions about the process feel free to email Erin at Erin@tifpi.org

Apply for the National Launch!™ Cohort 2019 – 2020 by downloading this form.

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