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Distinguished Service Award

Belia Nel Awarded the 2020 Distinguished Service Award

Belia has served the society board for years.  She is a CPT international reviewer and continues to work in this capacity.  Belia wrote the HPT self-study guide to provide an option for people who have a preference to learn this way.

Founder and past board member of ISPI EMEA and ISPI SA, Belia served as president of South African chapter.  Has presented at numerous ISPI annual conferences, presented at ISPI EMEA conferences, served as judge for annual case study competition. Belia is active with the SA chapter of ATD and advocates for ISPI there. She does the same with other professional organizations in her region.

Over the years, Belia has encouraged/invited many of her colleagues and clients to become active with ISPI. Several have joined ISPI and have attended and presented at conferences. Several have gone on to earn their CPT.

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