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Outstanding Human Performance Intervention

ISPI 2021 Awards of Excellence:

Outstanding Human Performance Intervention

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International Society for Performance Improvement
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Submit your proposal to awards@ispi.org


ISPI Awards of Excellence Program

ISPI's Awards of Excellence (AOE) program is designed to showcase the people, products, innovations, and organizations that represent excellence in the field of performance improvement. If you would like ISPI to consider you for the Outstanding Human Performance Intervention Award, review this document and complete the appropriate submission forms.

Outstanding Human Performance Intervention

An award recognizing any human performance improvement intervention (HPI), training and/or non-training, except skill or knowledge interventions for HPI professionals.

  • Skill or knowledge interventions for HPI professionals should be submitted in the Outstanding Instructional Communication category
  • An HPI submission can present a single intervention or multiple interventions that work together as part of an integrated program focused on multiple dimensions of a complex human performance situation

This category includes, but is not limited to:

  • Job and performance aids
  • Instructional products and interventions
  • Motivation and incentive interventions
  • Environmental engineering interventions
  • Personnel selection and assignment interventions

Nominations may include:

  • A non-training solution such as performance management systems, performance appraisal systems, feedback systems, incentive programs, product redesign, software, and other performance solutions
  • An instructional product or intervention developed through systematic approaches to human performance problems, needs, or opportunities (not limited to any particular medium or format)
  • An intervention used on the job to assist the performer in accomplishing a task by reducing dependence on memory by storing information, processes, or perspectives that influence or guide job behavior, support work and activity on the job, reduce dependence on memory, and/or direct, guide, or enhance performance (not limited to any particular medium or format)


The nomination may be comprised of multiple, integrated, interventions targeted at a particular performance problem, opportunity, or need.

Submission Guidelines

Please combine the following required attachments into one Word or PDF file and upload when prompted.

Submitting Award

Proposal files:

  • Must be submitted in either Word or PDF; no other formats will be accepted
  • Cannot be password protected

Shall be named as:

Contact’s First Initial Last Name Submission.xxx (where xxx is .doc or .pdf)


  • T Gilbert Submission.doc

Submission Qualifications

To qualify, submissions must:

  • Have been designed and substantially produced by the submitting individual or organization/team
  • Have been implemented and the outcomes measured within the three-year period preceding the nomination deadline
  • Include a description or documentation of all steps in the systematic approach used to produce the intervention, for evaluation
  • Include documentation of measured results in the form of cost versus return or other comparative data related to input versus output and measurable positive change, for evaluation
  • Have been received by the deadline

Qualifications of Submitter

To qualify, submitters must be willing to:

  • Provide the actual intervention for evaluation
  • Pay for shipping, special equipment rental, or translation, if needed, for evaluation
  • Display the actual intervention (or a mock-up or alternative if confidentiality is a concern), if required, at ISPI's Annual Conference

Evaluation Criteria

Each submission will be evaluated for its worth (e.g., documented measured results) and the systematic approach used to produce the intervention:

  • The analysis process that resulted in the selection of this intervention
  • The design, development, testing, revision, and implementation processes
  • The evaluation process


ISPI must receive all components of your submission by October 31, 2020.


To qualify, you must:

  • Be a Gold Member of ISPI.
  • Complete and return the appropriate award submission packet addressing all outlined criteria
  • Submit a description and documentation of all steps in the systematic approach you used to produce the intervention
  • Submit documentation of measured results in the form of cost versus benefit or other comparative data related to input versus output and measurable positive change
  • Provide supplemental materials (five copies) such as a textbook, manual or other documentation that cannot be submitted electronically to ISPI (see mailing information above). These copies will be used for award evaluation and display at ISPI's Annual Conference, if applicable.
  • Display the actual intervention (or a mock-up or alternative if confidentiality is a concern), at the annual conference, if this option is available.
  • Be willing to mentor a new submitter the year following your Award recognition.

Entry Form and Package Preparation

Please use the following guidelines below to prepare and package your entry and supporting materials:

  • Provide as complete a sample of your entry as is practical.
  • For a large, multi-component entry, include a sample of each of the various types of materials to comprehensively represent your entry.  Do NOT send duplicates of identical components.
  • Any sample of audio visual and other technology-based products necessary for the review of your submission or intervention should be included.
  • If your media is so unique most people will not have equipment to access it, submit the actual entry and a paper‑based version.  In addition, to facilitate evaluation, you may submit a video of the entry being used.  Be prepared to demonstrate the use of your entry to one or more evaluators.
  • Provide only the supporting materials necessary to document specific criteria requested.  Do NOT provide all project development documentation materials.

For questions about submitting an Award, please email: awards@ispi.org


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